Pedro Mendes

Pedro Mendes, Associate Partner, Pentagram

Pentagram, internationally known for its design work creating brand graphics and identities, digital experiences, installations and exhibitions around the world, was integral to the collaborative design process on Grace Farms’ recently opened exhibit, Common Good Through Crisis.

Pedro Mendes, an Associate Partner at Pentagram, understood that the design for these exhibitions needed to reflect a deep understanding of Grace Farms’ vision, identity, and goals, taking visual cues from the open architecture of the River building, the natural landscape surrounding the SANAA-designed building, as well as Grace Farms’ mission to end modern slavery and gender-based violence.

Common Good Through Crisis highlights the Foundation’s humanitarian work during the pandemic, as well as its on-going work to raise awareness about forced labor though Design for Freedom, an ambitious movement to eliminate forced labor from the built environment. Pentagram used Design for Freedom criteria to identify, procure, and use ethically manufactured materials throughout the exhibit.

Mendes said, “If we all start using sustainably sourced and free of forced labor materials, most suppliers will embrace this change and start adopting a more fair supply chain structure. Sharing knowledge is also very important to make the transition from an exception to the norm, and we should all share what we support and believe in.”

The natural materials used in Common Good include FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) wood, fabric panels that are sourced from the same sustainably and fairly-sourced cotton used in Design for Freedom face masks, and the striking string installation at the center of the exhibit is also ethically sourced.

“These projects expose more people to the Design for Freedom initiative, its mission, and its impact, while showing people that change is possible and united, we can take action and make a difference for the common good.”

Pentagram is a member of the Design for Freedom Working Group.

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