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Design for Freedom Pilot Projects are collaborations that provide material transparency and prioritize ethical procurement. Together, Grace Farms Foundation and these Pilot Projects are modeling transparent and forced labor free supply chains and demonstrating design principles in action by creating a tangible example of a more humane built environment.

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As early adopters of Design for Freedom, Pilot Project teams accelerate the movement by raising awareness of this pressing humanitarian issue. Each Pilot Project selects at least five building materials that are traced as far back as possible into the material supply chain. Through this process, each Pilot Project becomes a catalyst for the movement, adding to the industry’s body of knowledge through product investigation, project briefs and case studies.

Design for Freedom invites your firm to respond to the Request for Proposal (RFP) to participate in the Pilot Project program.

The 2025 Design for Freedom Pilot Project RPF opens Friday, October 11, 2024 through Monday, December 2, 2024 at 12:00 pm ET.

Pilot Project FAQ

What is a Pilot Project?

Design for Freedom has developed a Pilot Project program that is a tangible example demonstrating ethical supply chains in completed works. Each Pilot Project team identifies a selection of materials determined for project impact, aimed to be traced end-to-end in the materials supply chain. This process, each Pilot Project brings awareness to project partners, contractors, designers, engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, occupants and clients on the risk of continued exploitative practices.

What are the best resources available to learn about Design for Freedom?

Read the Design for Freedom Report to understand the scope of the problem and challenges facing the eradication of forced and child labor from the built environment. For material specific information, explore the Design for Freedom Toolkit to learn more about the 12 high-risk materials within the built environment and utilize tools to start tracing materials.

How many proposals can I submit?

We invite project partners to submit only one proposal annually.

Is there a fee associated in initiating a Design for Freedom Pilot Project?

Design for Freedom does not charge a fee to submit or participate in the Pilot Project program.

How many Design for Freedom Pilot Projects are there?

There are eight Pilot Projects currently in design or completed that were announced at our first and second annual Design for Freedom Summits.

Are there any geographical restrictions for project? Can it be international?

Looking back at our first slate of five Pilot Projects announced in 2022, we were proud to represent three continents. We hope to continue to represent a diverse number of countries, cities, and communities throughout our portfolio of Pilot Projects.

Can I submit a confidential project? Will Grace Farms sign an NDA?

Yes, you can submit a confidential project, however, we are eager to select projects for this year that can be announced at the Design for Freedom Summit on March 26, 2024. If it is likely your project will still be confidential at that time, we encourage you to submit next year. Pilot Projects are a platform to demonstrate how the work is being done and having the ability to share this work publicly is integral to the program.

How many projects will be selected?

Design for Freedom has created this open call for Pilot Projects to widen the net for the most qualified applicants. We are not required to meet a specific quota of projects but plan to select the projects that most align with our mission.

Are pilot projects inclusive of all design categories, such as community spaces, commercial offices, public or private, non-profit, or government projects?

Absolutely! We are eager to share that Pilot Projects can demonstrate ethical supply chains across programmatic typologies and welcome a diverse pool of owners and partners.

Will my project receive Design for Freedom certification?

Design for Freedom is not a certification. The Pilot Program is a unique opportunity to conduct research at the forefront of the Design for Freedom movement and gain insight into the process of supply chain transparency within the built environment. Although we do not consider the projects ‘certified’, each project is considered an official Design for Freedom Pilot Project that becomes a unique example to further the movement.

What is the process of a Pilot Project?

Design for Freedom provides guidance to Pilot Project Teams as they conduct supply chain due diligence. The project team focuses on applying the certification information available in the Design for Freedom Toolkit to make qualified material decisions by considering fair labor inputs.

Interested in learning more?

For more information about the movement to end forced labor in the building materials supply chain, view our resources.